Enrique Etievan

the Book of love Project.
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Hello everyone. I invite you to participate in the series of drawings The book of love project. If you are interested, just send me a photo of your lips. With the peculiarity, when you take the picture, you think of a loved one. This is essential to participate since the search is based on that, otherwise, unfortunately, this photo can not be used. Thank you all very much in advance.

the Book of love.
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The book of love It is a series of drawings whose main objective is to show a moment in the life of a feeling. For this purpose, I rely on the comparison between a feeling and a cell. It is like the smallest unit of an organism. They exist but we do not see them with the naked eye, in the same way that it happens with feelings. In this sense, each work is done so that we are seeing a feeling through a microscope.

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